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I've sold out of Fuzzy lops, they all went to Tabatha Corbin in Findlay Ohio near Michigan.

I kept some of my old retired guys like Corbin's Anna, Bastet's Adriano, Linnea's Cowboy, and Fun Fur's Flashback. 

I also kept a breeding pair of Chestnuts and BT's/Fun Fur's Sparta

I lost interest in showing and breeding. I still enjoy the bunnies but not the 5-7 hour drive to shows, the expense of showing and being tied down by having so many critters to care for 7 days a week. It's easier to find someone to care for a few bunnies if I want to go away for a weekend than it is to find someone to care for a lot of bunnies. 

I've been breeding Fuzzy lops for 8 years. I bought mostly Tabatha Corbin's and BT's Bloodlines. Now that Tabatha has got back into Fuzzy lops she's taken the herd back. It's a long standing herd. I preferred it went as a herd rather than asking a lot of money for individual rabbits during a sell out, it would mean the herd broken up and have all the work of years undone. This way rabbitry continues on without me.

I do plan to keep the website up for those who are interested in fuzzy lops and need advice.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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